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Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Humility

Come as you are. Along with our commitment to treat each person in a loving and caring way, we are committed to respecting everyone – our employees, community members and patients – just as they are.

At PeaceHealth, we nurture workplace culture of inclusion and belonging, valuing our employees’ diverse perspectives and ensuring that everyone has a voice. We are committed to social justice and equity, resulting in equal opportunity access to good jobs, high-quality patient care and positive impact in our local communities. Please join us!

So, what does our commitment look like?
Learn more by reading our PeaceHealth commitment statement.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Journey


At PeaceHealth, we respect the uniqueness of each person, looking beyond, the traditional bounds of race and ethnicity. Diversity is about the journey of understanding one another, and moving beyond tolerance to embrace and celebrate the rich diversity found within each individual.


Also at PeaceHealth, we practice Inclusion by valuing diverse thoughts and perspectives with the firm belief that only through embracing diversity can we meet the needs of our communities. We demonstrate this through the creation of care systems and healing environments that welcome diversity in all its forms including race, religion, ethnicity, background, and more.

Cultural Humility:

At PeaceHealth, we approach everything and everyone with a compassionate curiosity, coupled with a commitment to a continual process of learning with openness to all aspects of another’s identity.

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